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Our team of certified educators has over 40+ years of teaching experience. We're dedicated to student learning and academic growth. Our mission at The Learning Spot is to help students to bridge learning gaps and prepare them for academic success.

Meet Our Team

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Bonna Marques



I am a certified reading and math specialist with 22+ years of teaching experience. I have been serving as a Math and Science Coach training teachers for the last 6 years. My responsibilities at the Learning Spot includes running the business side of the learning center and everything else that goes along with being a Director.

Amanda Quinitchett
 Reading Specialist

I have 5+ years of experience working with special needs students. As the Reading Specialist, I supervise the Literacy Department, Administer the Reading Diagnostic Assessment and develop a learning plan for each student looking for Literacy support. Additionally, I work with parents and tutors to create a schedule and ensure that the plan is implemented.


Math Specialist


I am a certified elementary school teacher with 6+ years of teaching experience. As the Math Specialist, my duties include Supervising the Math Department, Administering the Diagnostic Assessment and developing learning plans for math students. Additionally, I work with parents and tutors to ensure that the plan is implemented.

Alyssa Dula

Enrichment Specialist


I'm a certified PK-12th grade Art Teacher with 16 years of teaching experience in both Charter and Public education. I am also the CEO of Center Your Pieces & Events. As the Enrichment Specialist, I coordinate the enrichment component of the company. In addition, I will be organizing the Fun Fridays along with the team.

Henrik Nkosi

VR & Events Manager


In this capacity, I work with the Technology Department to enhance the educational experience. In addition, I will handle the event space rentals and VR Lounge rentals once the physical space is open. 

Reginald Whitman

VR Specialist


In this role, I work with the Technology Department to research and introduce groundbreaking software & hardware to enhance the educational experience at The Learning Spot.

Muata Nkosi

Computer Programmer


In this role, I am charged with everything technology related. I provide support to staff and parents. 

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