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Our Services

From entry-level programming to Junior Chef cooking classes we offer your child a wide variety of options to ensure that they will find a place at The Learning Spot Community


We offer our courses and classes in a virtual format as well to ensure that we reach every student that we can and cover your needs


We offer our classes in person to retain the spirit and advantages of traditional classroom-based teaching styles

Flexible Hours

We are flexible with our hours as our courses are offered at various times so that we can meet the scheduling needs of your child

Female Student

Interactive Math

Interactive Math allows students to engage in math while doing hands-on fun activities based on Geometry, Fractions, and Problem Solving. Each activity is designed to show that math is fun and can be done outside of the classroom! All Materials are Included.

Classes Start: July 18th


Junior Chef

Students will learn math, science, and nutrition through healthy cooking. They will research and discuss how to find the nutritional values, serving sizes of various food items, and healthy eating. Students will then prepare and sample healthy food items. All Materials are Included: Chef Uniform, Recipe List, Ingredients, Utensils, etc.

Classes Start: July 18th


Fundamentals of Game Design Using Scratch

This 2-week, 3 hours per day course teaches students the fundamentals of game design. Students will learn how to develop game ideas, improve their writing skills through writing rules, and apply math and basic logic to code a game on Scratch. At the end of the course, students will learn how to deliver, interpret feedback and present their finished products to their peers.

Classes Start: July 18th

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