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July 10, 2023 - August 18, 2023

Campers will be able to explore their interests and develop academic skills through interactive and hands-on activities.

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Campers will be able to choose between a variety of courses which includes Game Design, Robotics, Theatre, and much more.

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Our hands-on approach to learning will spark new curiosities at all levels and ages of participants.



Our NJ State Licensed Teachers and Instructors provide a safe learning environment.





JULY 10 - JULY 17, 2023



JULY 24 - AUGUST 4, 2023



AUGUST 7 - AUGUST 18, 2023

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Our Courses

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Entrepreneurship 101 & 102

4 Weeks

This hands-on experience allows campers to gain the skills and confidence to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. It provides an introduction to the basics of starting and running a business, including market research, financial planning, and customer service. The course also covers topics such as effective communication, teamwork, and problem solving. Campers will design their own product or service, create a business plan, and present their ideas to a panel of “Mock Investors”. They will also learn about the importance of networking and gaining customer feedback. At the end of the cycle, campers will have the opportunity to host a mock pop-up shop and simulate selling their products or services. All Materials are Included!

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YouTube Kids: Product Review

2 Weeks

This class is designed to help students become familiar with digital marketing by learning how to create YouTube product reviews. It covers the different types of product reviews, how to create them, and tips for making them effective. The class also provides guidance on how to best use YouTube for marketing and advertising. By the end of the course, students will have the skills needed to create effective, engaging and informative YouTube product reviews. All Materials are Included!


Coding/ Game Design

2 Weeks

Students will explore and understand the logic of coding while they design and create their own interactive stories, animations, and games. By using a block-based interface, students will learn the basics of coding, such as variables, conditionals, and loops. They will also learn about game design principles, such as flow, challenge, and user interface. Students will also be challenged to think critically and creatively as they use their coding skills to solve problems and develop their own game designs. Through the process of coding and game design, students will gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of computer programming and gain confidence in their ability to work with digital technology.

Art Class

Art Around the World

2 Weeks

This Art Around the World class is designed to explore and appreciate art from different cultures and perspectives. Students will explore different styles and techniques, learn about the history of each style and how it is used in different parts of the world. Activities will include art history lessons, research, and hands-on art projects. Students will create their own pieces of art in the style of the culture they are exploring, producing a portfolio of artwork. Through this class, students will gain a greater appreciation and understanding of art from around the world. All Materials are Included!

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Cashflow for Kids

2 Weeks

If you've read the book Rich Kid Smart Kid by Robert Kiyosaki, then you will have an idea of what this course is about. Students will be introduced to Financial Literacy concepts. This course is designed to teach financial literacy while playing the game Cashflow for Kids. Through playing the game campers will learn to how to keep a balance sheet, save, invest and grow wealth to achieve their goals. These are life skills that we all need and you're never too young to start. By the end of the course campers will gain an understanding of money, how it works, and how to manage it.



2 Weeks

The Lego Robotics course is a great way for Campers to learn the basics of robotics, build Teamwork and Collaboration skills. In this course, Campers will use Lego robotics kits to build and program robots to complete specific tasks. Through the use of sensors, motors, and programming, campers will learn how to build and program robots. They will also learn the basics of engineering, problem solving, and computer programming. This class is a great introduction to robotics and will help campers develop STEM skills that they can use in the future.


Interactive Math

2 Weeks

Campers will solve real world problems utilizing everyday math. This hands-on interactive collaborative course allows campers to engage in math while utilizing Geometry, Fractions, and other Problem Solving skills. All Materials are Included!

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General Science Experiments

2 Weeks

If you love Bill Nye the Science Guy, you’ll love this class. Campers will learn about Motion, Stability Forces & Interactions, Engineering, Matter, Biology and Earth Science. Hands on Science Experiments! All Materials are Included!

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Young Authors

2 Weeks

The overarching goal for Young Authors is to explore and develop story elements, characters, setting, plot, conflict and resolution for a personal narrative. Campers will also explore the literacy styles of various authors, discuss their techniques, create story boards, and share them with the group. All Materials are Included!


Fundamentals of Theatre

2 Weeks

This theatre class teaches kids the fundamentals of acting, as well as the basics of theatre production. The class provides a safe and encouraging environment for kids to explore their creativity and express themselves through the art of theatre. Through theatre games and improvisation exercises, children learn to develop their stage presence, build confidence, and work as part of an ensemble. By engaging in theatre activities and rehearsals, they develop their vocal, physical, and acting skills. They also learn about set design, costumes, and make-up. Through the course of the class, students will create a small production that they will perform for family and friends at the end of the Session.

Campers will go on a field trip on the First Friday of each Session.

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Fun Friday

On the Last Friday of each Session, Campers present their projects to the group in the morning. In the afternoon, they will participate in a series of indoor and outdoor games.

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